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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Angel Therapy

Angels are sent from God to advise and direct us. But of course we can ignore them if we wish.

We all have Angels watching over us and through our angels we can often communicate with the loved ones we've lost and this can help us with a feeling of belonging and love.

We strive to contact your angels and be left with a purer spirit and closer to your loved ones.


Simply put many cultures believe some numbers to be lucky or unlucky.

So Numerology is the study of numbers and their impact on our lives.

We study numbers important to you and derive a message that is yours alone.

Personal Readings

These are private and personal communications between your departed loved ones through the medium to yourself.

They are not to be feared as only those who loved you want to contact you and give you a message of benefit.

The reading should be evidential and give you trust in there content.

Regression Therapy

This is a process whereby your unconscious mind takes you to your past life or lives through a kind of hypnosis and tries to pin point a past point in time when a fear or trauma occurred that may have resulted in a manifestation in your present life.

The fear is never re lived or felt in the 'now time', but you will observe the past starting point and bit by bit your fears will be eliminated as we see them for what they really are.

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